Capture the moment

Montrouge Photography provides portrait, wedding and other people related photographic services in and around Melbourne and provides a level of service now sought after by discerning clients. At a location of your choice, in a studio or your own premises, our aim is to “Capture the Moment” and create an experience that you will remember.

Our wedding, portrait and other photographic services are designed to provide you with images that bring back memories or will aid you in your business. The options on how to best to display the images are many and varied and up to you.

Our services are broad but principally all revolve around people. Our point of difference is to focus on "Capturing the Moment" and creating the right image for whatever the client wishes to do with them.

There is no pressure on you to take an expensive album or pay for large costly wall prints. We work with our clients to select the most appropriate form to display and present the images. In most cases, the clients own the intellectual property. 

Talk to us about your requirements and how we can help you "Capture the Moment". 

We operate mainly in the Melbourne area but do take commissions anywhere within Victoria and other parts of Australia.

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