Hi there - I will be using this page to post notes about shoots that I have been completing, notes on venues where I have worked and generally some thoughts about what I am up to.

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Phillip Island Wedding

The beach at Ventnor and the fabulous Island coastline provided wondersful settings for a great wedding. This was followed by a huge party on Churchill Island.

With blue skies, warm weather and then that lovely glow of the sunset near the Nobbies, all aspects were perfect for the bride and groom.

These are just a few of the images from the day.


Camera Choice

I should say now that like the Holden Vs Falcon days of bitter rivalry, there are really only two giant photographic companies bending the ears of the pros.

I am a Nikon user. Prior to digital I was a staunch Canon user and still have that gear for work with 35mm. Nikon made a smart move by staying with the trusted and time proven mount thereby enabling their lenses built over 50 years ago or more to be used on the digital SLRs that are in their range today. A great site to get an unbiased view on any camera is - check it out.

If you are uncertain why not attend one of my private training sessions on how to use a digital camera. look under the section on Personal Training.

The retailers are generally biased towards one of the big names where the biggest margin is made. A good place to check prices on items is DWI a Sydney based agency, but whether you use that supplier is entirely up to you.

Children's Parties

Was at the Family Life Cafe in Prahran for a children's party. Great venue, lots of space and a very smart Fairy to lead the proceedings. Some of the images from there are shown here. Also 'proper' drinks available for the parents. Also very good natural light.

Corporate Function

Attended a corporate xmas function recently in South Melbourne and took a few images of people having fun.

Some folks (as you can see) seem to love being caught or having their face featured. But all seemed to have a good time.

Family Shoots

Recently had shoot in Hawthorn covering 3 generations of a family together with cats and dogs. All worked well until the cats decided that there was one dog too many! Some images taken are shown here. This was followed by another multi-generation shoot.

Equipment to take when travelling

This can be a real challenge these days when we all seem to travel with so many electrical items. A lot also depends on what you want to shoot and how serious you are. So what do I have in my bag of goodies:

  • My Nikon SLR
  • A good all round lense that gives coverage of 18mm to 270mm (this being a Tamron - its covers the full range yet is light and compact).
  • A spare battery and a charger
  • A spare 16/32/64GB card or two
  • A small but strong tri-pod (be careful as a lot of museums/galleries will not let you use these in doors but they are great for night time)
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Cable to transfer images from the camera to a computer, an iPad or other secondary storage device. NOTE I never take the card out of the camera to transfer images, always use a cable
  • A neutral density filter- this acts like a pair of sun glasses and really helps bring out great colours
  • An Australian designed power board (with auto cut out) to handle over night charging of the camera, my iPad, the mobile phone, the computer and an all country power adaptor

I back up my images to a computer and then to a secondary storage device.

Take a look at some of the images I have loaded under Personal Training to get a varied view of what is possible with digital photography. The images are from all over the world and I am sure you will recognise many of them. More to be added soon. One aspect that I have learnt the hard way is how much gear does one take on a trip.

Charity Event - Go the Tan

A charity event is held each year with a run around the tan in Melbourne.  There is always a great turn out of celebreties with Dave Hughes coming in third on the opening somewhat competitive run. The team from "The Project" all put in great performances. A Victorian contestant from "My Kitchen Rules" loved the snags being sold by the Rotary Club of Brighton North.

International Women's Day

Rotary has a breakfast at the Palladium (The Crown) with guest speakers on various subjects. The functions are well attended with over 1000 folks enjoying a lovely breakfast and an entertaining and thought provoking discussion on a real issue. The guest speakers have ncluded Andrew Demetriou, head of the AFL, and Harold Mitchell, Mary Crooks, Fabian Dattner and Neil Cole.

New Restaurant - South Melbourne

I have been shooting at a new restaurant "Downstairs" located in Sturt Street, South Melbourne. A Bistro/Lounge open from breakfast to late, the food looks great (I should know having seen many plates), great ambience, and an extensive wine list. Check out their web site at and give them a visit.

Shooting food is always a fun challenge about how it should be presented to make it interesting and tempting.

Jessica - An Image Shoot

I recently completed a shoot with Jessica that involved various views of the same model where make up and hair styling varied greatly.

The first set of images was that of a grumpy early morning person in trackies thru to images that showed Jessica where the make up and hair are excellent as is the the style of clothing. In all there were seven different sets.

This was a fun shoot but did involve a lot of changes. Shot in a studio in South Melbourne the images show what can be achieved. For budding actors and models that need a portfolio, this is a great way to show what you can look like under differing conditions.

Go check her out in the Portrait section gallery or at the web site.

Oaks Days Event

With over 200 ladies present at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club for an Oaks day luncheon, there were a lot of bubbles and a lot of noise. These ladies knew how to party. My "lucky" role was as event photographer. There are a few images from the day on this page. All the images can be seen on the Bellevue web site.

The event was organised by Bellevue Project a fund raising group that does great things in the local community.  There were lots of opportunities to win prizes, have a flutter on the races and take part in both silent and live auctions.

Check out their web site at and their forthcoming events either as an attendee or as a sponsor.

Bayside Food Festival

A fine but coolish Friday night saw me at Sandringham and the Bayside Food Festival.

Some innovative and interesting stalls, lots to do for the kids and some reasonably good bands playing.  

Many stalls selling food (some really yummy).

This was another fund raiser run by the Bellevue Project team.

It was a good night but started to get a bit cool.

Here are some images. There are more on the site.



Nikon School

Keeping up to date with new products and techniques is important, as is any continuing education. And Nikon do it well. I recently attended a school with around 9 others to look at and use new cameras and lenses. Good fun whilst learning.

An exercise in telling a story was undertaken in a park in Carlton. I have enclosed some images from that story. Interesting to see the skate boarders ignore the signs! There is always one person to play the fool.

There are a few links to other sites you may be interested in. is all about news from Nikon and what is happening together with excellent reviews on cameras, lenses and other equipment. contains a wealth of information if you are a re Nikon user.


Benny - Guitar Man

This shoot was undertaken in some back lanes in Fitzroy, a really interesting area but probably too be avoided at night.

Benny Mayhem is a singer-guitar player who was after images for his web site and for publicity material.

He was with a band and his now pursuing a solo career.

It was good fun although the weather was not kind.