The female beauty of Melbourne

The project “The Women of Melbourne” is to develop a coffee table book of black and white and colour images of the women in Melbourne. This will join a series of similar projects completed in other cities of the world. The aim of these photographs is to combine the purity and innocence of "The Boudoir" being semi clothed or partially or fully nude with the exotic and sometimes ominous beauty of the natural surrounds and our landscape. The style is entirely up to the model on the day.

The works of will focus mainly on the beauty of female where the women involved select their own surroundings. This can range from the home, to work, to the bush, the beach or any location the person feels comfortable. The photos can be demure to erotic or cover fantasies including everything from the exotic fetish to the surreal or the bizarre.

From my point, a woman who feels beautiful is beautiful. With or without make up, skimpy clothing or nude, the key element is to make her feel comfortable and at ease with herself.

We are seeking women of any age, race, size or weight where we are looking for inner and particular beauty. We are now looking for about 45-50 real women, amateurs who have a goal of having an extraordinary life time experience. They will be models for just a few hours or up to a day and often for the first time.  All who pose will receive a CD of all their pictures.  The aim is to "Capture the Moment".

As we seek amateurs, we are looking to capture their thoughts of how they feel going into the shoot and how they felt during and after. Accompanying each set of photos that are used will be the words of the model.

This is where the project comes from: portraying female beauty I see and meet everyday, trying to do it in the simplest and most essential way, without special settings or elaborate processing. It is not always easy, as it is often hard to overcome people's natural mistrust, especially for those I have just met and asked to pose for me. It is not always easy to make a model feel at ease as well. Feedback so far shows how relaxed the models were and how at ease they felt by the end of the shoot. But then, everything miraculously fits into place and I have the feeling that the results will be worth the effort.

There is nothing to lose so if you are at all interested or would just like to chat about this, please contact me at

Better, give me a call on 0414 712 938. I look forward to hearing from you.