Folio Photography

Operating within the Melbourne area, our folio services are sought after by people from all walks of life. Whether an aspiring actor, up and comng model or requiring up to date corporate images, the style and presentation must reflect you and make you stand out.  Whether creating a new portfolio or updating to reflect new or other styles, we will work with you to create that look to aid your career.

The portfolio should cover the different styles being sought today including commercial, lifestyle, fashion, glamour, nude or erotica. Align this to whatever you are after.

A key element to success is to show variety, different looks and moods and to have a portfolio of which you are proud of and that will reward you.

Let us arrange a meeting to discuss your portfolio requirements, the style of comp cards and other forms of promotion you may require.  Let us customize your portfolio and help determine what you will need at the shoot. This is all about promoting you.