Personal Training in Digital Photography

Are you confident in using your camera on that trip you have planned? Have you returned from a trip disappointed with the images? Do your images look flat, washed out or too dark?

Or do you want a new digital camera and are confused by the large number available, by the specifications being thrown at you or the pressure of a sales person on what to get. If yes, then we can help you.

Do you know its capabilities? Are you prepared and have all the correct components?

Whether you use a compact or an SLR digital camera, basic coaching to “Capture the Moment” is highly recommended before you leave.

Personal coaching is based on using your camera, your experience and what you want to achieve.

Do not waste time in a class with 20 different cameras. Personal training will focus on your needs and your equipment.

Basic Course - A

This course is conducted in up to 3 sessions; the student can take just part A1 or all 3.

Part A1 - The basics

This consists of going thru basics of photography, digital cameras and image making and how cameras operate and what a person can expect.

This will take around 3 hours.

What is covered in Course A1:

  • How a digital camera works
  • Some basic principles of photography
  • How to use your camera effectively
  • Lighting
  • Focus
  • White Balance
  • Depth of field
  • Bracketing
  • Image structure
  • Camera priorities
  • Use of filters
  • Having the right equipment and spares to have and take with you
  • Care of the camera and its parts
  • Understanding the camera’s capabilities
  • The do’s and don’ts of taking an image, legal and privacy issues
  • What to look for and what to avoid
  • Tips to get those special one off shots.

The primary objective is to give you confidence in using your camera.

Part A1 can be held anywhere the student pleases (within reason and within 5 klm of Brighton) either in Brighton (my work place) or the student’s place – sometimes better if the student forgets to bring something or they feel more comfortable.

The cost is $90 for single person or $140 for 2. Course notes are provided. Slightly higher if significant travel is required.

Part A2 - Field Exercise

This is putting all the above into practice, and this would normally be a morning or afternoon in the CBD taking in a wide variety of subjects/topics using all the features of your camera.

  • Initial personal coaching and usage of your camera, including proper set up (Revisit part of Course A1)
  • A walking tour of Melbourne gardens, laneways, the arts precinct and the CBD for 3 hours - usually a mix is covered
  • An assesment of images you have taken and basic editing skills

This is a 3-4 hour walk around (with coffee break). Ideally in good weather so all desired lighting can be used.

The cost is $90 for single person or $140 for 2. My groups never exceed 2.

The images are assessed post the session and comments provided.

Part A3  - Studio Exercise

This part uses a studio for portrait and still photography lessons. This covers:

-        Lighting

-        Composition

-        Use of the camera

-        Using the studio lights and additional devices as required

-        Working with a model (do’s and lots of don’ts)

-        Other studio and model issues.

Cost for Part A3 is $140 for 3 hours including use of the studio. Note that this can be altered to another location if student so desires. Model costs and make-up artist are additional if needed.

Further sessions covering production of coffee table books, slide shows, calendars and using adobe or other editing software can be arranged.

Talk to us if you have any specific concerns and needs in using your camera.

Refer to the "Contact Us" and set up a time.