Web Product Photography

On-line selling is a must for any business that is in a retail, wholesale or services style  operation. No longer will bricks and mortar suffice however the need for effective distribution and supply chains continue to be paramount.  

So too is the need to properly present the product that will ensure you capture the moment when the purchaser takes an interest and decides to buy. And that means having images that best present your products or services and your business. 

Essential features of images for a web site to attract the attention of a prospect:

- The images must all be sharp

- The correct colours are shown

-  Fine details are visible

- There is a scale shown when size is important

- It is appealing to the prospective client

- The image is fast to load

- The images must be current

- The image should make the prospect interested in what they see.

Let us work with you to capture how best to present your organization, your products and or your services. 

Our work can be integrated with a cart system, product catalogues and commercial applications. 

Most recent shoot was for "The Joy Ful Pantry"

Recently completed a shoot for a new business that specialises in producing organic food products. The shoot was to capture their products including some great hampers.

I have tried several of the prodcts and they are really jummy.

Check out their web site (thejoyfulpantry.com) for products and how you can get hold of them.